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But Where Does My $ Go?!?!

Understand the purpose.

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When you purchase


XXXIX Empire,

you are contributing two fold:

Half to an




Half allocated among

3 Charities & growing…

Be it Music or Fashion…

…every produced piece under my Creative Entity known as the XXXIX Empire is done with 360 Degrees of Passion, Gratefulness & Purpose.

Here is the math on how the earnings from my Art is distributed:

Out of a percentage of 100,

50% is collected by me, then to be divided in half

25% going into reinvestment of the XXXIX Empire brand, the other 25% into my personal income.

The remaining 50% is allocated among 3 Charity Organization I personally donate to; the percentages are as follows:


*16% - Save The Children

*16% - Greenpeace

*16% - UNICEF

With a growing brand, Charitable Donations + Efforts will grow & expand.

Thank you.


-Malachi Navi Wahy